Reject topic containing only one or two sentences in a specific category

Wondering if it is possible to reject (or display a confirmation screen) for topics made to particular categories if the user chooses to post only one or two sentences, as opposed to filling out the default template included to assist them. This is to save other users time who are constantly replying: “Please fill out the issue template so we can better assist you.”

Thanks for any suggestions!

I think for cases like this users should flag so moderation steps in if it’s against the rules to not follow a certain template, this seems to specific for the software to handle.

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There is a site setting for minimum opening post length.

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Can it be defined by category?

No, it’s a sitewide setting… you’d need a custom plugin if you wanted to change it per category.


Update, we’ve adopted #canned-replies to handle this.

I’ve also been wondering about adopting a custom wizard to guide users through filling out the proper form.