Releasing related topics at the same time

Here is a fake scenario that echoes what I’m trying to solve:

I want to write a topic called “Announcing Job Changes.” In this topic I want to link to a topic called Opportunity A and another topic called Opportunity B. I don’t want to post topic A and B before announcing the job changes.

The problem I’m trying to solve is 75% of my users are mailing list. If I post the announcement first, I won’t be able to link to the other posts.

Does anyone have any strategies?

  1. is there any way to set the release time of a topic?
  2. If I created topic A and B in a private category and then moved them to a public category, would the link be the same?

See How to create a Timed Topic

Yes. The only part of the topic url that matters is the category ID at the end of it. All of these refer to this topic, regardless of its title and category.