Removing ability for invited users to change username

In order to remove the possibility of getting inappropriate usernames on registration (the forum is used by secondary school age pupils so anything could happen!) is there any way of removing the ability to change the username on registration?
I am using invite only for users as this allows greater control of who can access the forum as it is still in its early stages. When the invited user accepts the invitation it takes them to the discourse register page with the username field filled in using username from the email address of the user. I was wondering if there is a way of removing a users ability to change that default set username during the registration process?

I’ve always erred on the side of letting kids make their own decisions and mistakes. If they do choose some dumb name, you’ll notice pretty quickly and can change it accordingly. You’re likely solving a problem that doesn’t actually exist. What if their email address is inappropriate for some reason?

The best way to control usernames, I think, is to use sso and have it set by whatever authentication systems you have in place.

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