How to disable updating username for admins & moderators?


I need guidance to disable the edit button for admins and moderators. So do we have any setting in discourse to do this?

Please find the attached screenshot:


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Using CSS is the easiest, but not the most robust solution.

Admins can and must have ability to do everythings. Moderators are in (almost) same situation with content and users. But both groups are really small and because they must follow rules of a forum then just simple guidance is enough, and staff watches theirs own group. If someone can’t follow such trivial rule could that person follow any other rules either?

So — such option isn’t needed, as I see it.


Exactly. If you don’t trust your admins and moderators not to change their usernames then you have dramatically bigger problems than their usernames getting changed.

But if CSS isn’t good enough, a custom plugin could disable changing usernames.


Can you please suggest Using which custom plugin can I disable username?

You would need to create or commission it. You can post in marketplace or contact me directly. See Developing Discourse Plugins - Part 1 - Create a basic plugin if you’d like to do it yourself.

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