Removing links from older active user

We had a very active user post a lot of links in our forum under some “informational” posts over a long time period. Then when I looked closer at the posts/links he made I found some of them were malware links according to VirusTotal and other malware URL monitoring sites.

Now I want to unlink all his posts. What’s the fastest way to do that without having to go to all his posts one by one and manually unlink his URLs?

He is an older user so it appears I can’t delete his account?

Thanks for your help.

There are site settings which control how many posts and the age of those posts that can be deleted, when attempting to delete a user.

@sam put in a TON of protection that prevents anyone from “accidentally” deleting an existing user. Look for delete user max post age and delete all posts max in your Admin, Settings.

You may want to revert these settings back to default after deleting that user.


Thank you. Discourse is amazing and I don’t know what we’d do without your awesome software.