"Summary bar" is missing on some topics

Most of my postings on my forum are single topics with no replies/answers.

This seems to cause the the “summary bar” (or how it is called) to be missing.


With “summary bar”:

Without “summary bar”:

Since the “summary bar” is the best way for me to see the number of views on a topic, I really do miss it on postings without replies.

My question

Is there any way to always enable the “summary bar”, no matter how few/many replies a topic has?

Why do none of the topics have replies?

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Two reasons, IMO:

  • I’m misusing Discourse as some kind of Wiki/Memo app (or blog, if you like) to document great code or links that I came across. Those kind of postings usually do not need/attract replies.
  • I’m having too few users/readers to contribute something valuable.

All the things I put in my Discourse instance could have been put into my WordPress blog instead, too, but I love Discourse so much that I absolutely want to support it and use it by having my own instance of it.

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Since I’ve got no answer yet, this option is probably not available.


The “summary bar” as you call it only shows up for big topics with lots of replies. I dont know the cutoff or if there is any appetite for adding an admin setting to display it always or after an admin settable number of replies.

If number of views is important you can always set up google analytics.


There have to be at least one or two replies for it to appear.