Rename @discobot's start new user command

to be fair I edited that into the OP after he asked :slight_smile:


I understand that part. Just created a custom message for my instance of Discourse

My question is more, in the future if I want to create links like this for other actions, how do I do that? For example, I really want to have a Reply to topic link. My particular user base isn’t necessarily very tech savvy, so I really need to spell things out for them and make it as easy as possible.

Not sure how to do that offhand, but is there a reason the existing options are insufficient? You could even make them more clear:


or add text to this button:


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I’ll play around with it :smile:

Going back to the @discobot start new user command… As you can see from my source code, I definitely hacked together the link that would work for us. Do you see this as a useful enough tool that Discourse could potentially write into existing text content?

I’m not sure what you’re asking here.

Probably you are looking for



I meant, will the Start New User Tutorial link be included in future automated messages?

I would say yes :slightly_smiling_face:


It turns out that is nothing for me to do here. What I forgot is that I built the triggers in a way that they can be customized via the admin panel.

Simply change the reset_trigger in admin > Customize > Text Content and :confetti_ball:


That’s only going to allow for a community to replace the trigger though, rather than add a synonym.

It creates the risk someone familiar with Discourse from another community being unable to use the standard trigger.

@codinghorror will need to confirm but I assumed that he suggested adding a synonym because we thought we didn’t have a way to customize those triggers.


Yes, my original thought was that I didn’t have a way to customize the triggers. At the same time, I do think it’s a more user-friendly command in general, so I continue to advocate for it to be a synonym to make the transition between discourse instances seamless.

As an FYI - my pronouns are she/her/hers.

I think he was referring to Jeff’s suggestion a synonym be created. @codinghorror is the ultimate authority on this kind of thing.

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I’m a fan of the synonym but I am not sure it would be worth a bunch of extra engineering work.

Actually I kind of think that @debryc’s suggestion of start tutorial is way better than the start new user that we have now. The latter seems incomplete and perhaps we should just rename the default trigger? I’m not really keen on supporting synonyms here because the customization option is already there.


That is fine, I support that, what would the advanced start look like?

start tutorial and start advanced tutorial make the most sense to me, as @debryc said in the OP :wink:


The default triggers have been updated.

Thank you for the suggestion @debryc :+1:


And thank you for the update!

  1. Will the “start new user” command still work in the future?

  2. This is my updated welcome message! I’m very happy with what this discussion produced for my community. Thank you again everyone.

Hi and welcome to %{site_name}!

Start by learning all about your new community at First time here? Welcome! 👋🏽 - Announcements - #NYCEDU.

P.S. %{new_user_tips}

For even more tips, click to start our interactive new user tutorial.


And here’s a screenshot of the window that pops up when users click on the link.

Nope, that has been removed in favor of start tutorial.