Renaming and Recategorizing... for TL2?

Somehow I’ve set TL2s to be able to rename and recategorize instead of TL3, but I can’t figure out how to change it back.

The only thing I can figure is that giving TL2 “make wiki” did it, but I swear I’ve looked everywhere in the settings, and can’t find how to grant recategorizing to TL3 and not TL2.

The only Trust Level settings I’ve changed are:

min trust to allow self wiki (TL2)
min trust to post links (TL1)
trusted users can edit others (off. I want TL4 to edit others, but not TL3, and I don’t think this can differentiate. So off it remains.)

And a couple of TL3 requirements that shouldn’t be relevant to this case.

So how are TL2s recategorizing and renaming their posts?

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You can always edit your own posts (for a time, not forever), and if you created the topic, the first post is the topic. That includes the title and category.

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