Renaming system text when there are more than 50 results

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m trying to rename all instances of ‘Badges’ where they are displayed to ‘Accolades’.

Admin>Customize>text is where i’m at but the issue is that i can’t change all instances because they are not displayed. “There are more than 50 results. Please refine your search.”

Anyone know how to go about this?

You can look at discourse/client.en.yml at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub, search for “badges” and then find the name of each of the placeholders. Searching for top_badges (for example) will return only that item.

It’s still going to be a huge pain, though. I think you could do it in a plugin, but that is another kind of pain.

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Eh. It is what it is. Thank you for the reply. After modifying do it just run the rebuild command and I’m fine?

No. They are changed immediately when you save them (though I think you have to reload the associated page to see the changes). No need to rebuild.

Oh. Wait. My instructions were just for finding the associated names so that you can change them in the UX. There is no good way to change them by editing that file (other than a plugin).

Oh, thank you for the clarification. I was about to modify that file directly. Well, I am about to find out how much I truly want badges to become accolades.

Thanks Jay!

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