Replicating the query behind 'topics with no response'

Hi there!

I’m hoping to understand what % of new topics in a given category didn’t receive a response in the first week and what % were solved in the first week. Here’s my query:

-- [params]
-- string :start_date = 2021-10-06
-- string :end_date = 2021-10-12

WITH solved_topics as
    count(distinct case when u.action_type=15 and u.created_at < (t.created_at + INTERVAL '1 week') and then 1 ELSE NULL END) as solves,
    count(distinct case when p.created_at < (t.created_at + INTERVAL '1 week') and and p.post_number>1 then 1 ELSE NULL END) as responses
from topics t
join user_actions as u
    on u.target_topic_id =
join posts as p
    on p.topic_id =
where t.created_at BETWEEN :start_date AND :end_date
AND t.user_id > 0
AND p.deleted_at is NULL 
AND t.category_id is NOT NULL 
group by t.created_at::DATE,

    st.created_at as date,
    count(distinct as "Number of New Topics",
    sum(st.solves)::INT as "# Solved within a week",
    round(sum(st.solves)/count(distinct, 2) as "% Solved",
    (count(distinct - sum(st.responses))::INT as "Topics with No Response in First Week",
    round((count(distinct - sum(st.responses))/count(distinct, 2) as "% with No Response in First Week"
    from solved_topics as st
group by date
order by date asc

I’m sure there are prettier ways to do this, but I’ve spot-checked a number of dates, and these numbers are consistent with what I’m seeing by looking at individual topics.

I would assume that for any day within the past week, the report found at /admin/reports/topics_with_no_response should show the same number of topics with no response. In most cases it does; but in other cases it shows more topics with no response than I’m getting in my query.

Any ideas why this might be? Is there a way to see the query that drives the Topics with no response report so that I could compare/contrast?

Thanks in advance!