Replies to last comment in topic indistiguishable from replies to first post

When someone responds to me and their reply goes right under mine, there is no indicator (as is the case with replies to comments further up). Am I misunderstanding something about the way discourse works? I think it would be good to have these be more consistent.

Here’s an example. I will respond to it twice.

Test #1 responding to first comment

No indicator. How can you tell this is responding to comment #1?

Test #2, again responding to the first comment. (This time an indicator is shown in the top right)

Replies that come immediately after have the reply indicator suppressed, the thought is that it’s understandable by context because the discussion is flat and not threaded.

If you search admin settings for suppress reply you’ll find three different varieties you can disable if that extra context is neccessary: suppress reply directly above, suppress reply directly below, and suppress reply when quoting.


Oh cool. I’m not an admin so I didn’t know this was an option. Thanks!

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