Reply notifications aren't showing up on time

I wasn’t sure which category to put this in, so I just picked “bug”.

On, reply notifications aren’t showing up in a timely manner. For example, I got this reply over two hours ago, but I still haven’t gotten a notification for it.

Check your Sidekiq queue on /sidekiq and click on ‘enqueued’. Do any of your queues have a high number of queued jobs and a high latency? That might explain it.


I’m afraid I’m not an admin for the site, so I can’t check anything like that.

Best contact your Discourse admin about the problem then. This may be very hard to diagnose without the right access.

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Best to file these things in ‘support’ first of all.

Agree with Bart: confirm with your admin that ‘sidekiq’ is running. Notifications rely on that running to be sent.

Also be aware that if the system has ‘seen’ you recently it will not send you an email notification because the system assumes you will have noticed it. Sensible design as you don’t want to be spammed with email for things you know about whilst at the same time the forum saves the marginal cost of sending an email.


Thanks for moving this to the right category. I’m only talking about local notifications (not emails). I’ll check with our admin about sidekiq.

Thanks again, both of you!


I can tell you that from personal experience the avatar notifications will not show up without sidekiq running.

Are you still seeing this issue?

I am one of the admins of the board. I believe we don’t have access to the background queueing system since it is a Discourse hosted board. I can’t confirm or deny if the issue is still persisting. @seanblue?

Edit: there has also been recent reports the link preview feature is not working. Is that tied with the background jobs? I did just get bombarded with a bunch of notificans just a few minutes ago so looks like the jobs are catching up?

Notifications are showing up now. I’ll post again if the issue happens again.

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Looks like reply and quote notifications aren’t showing up again for

Assuming this statement:

is correct, I guess this has to be addressed on your end?


Is there a thread with more info about this (I will also search. Just asking in case there are multiples and one is better than another.)? I’m seeing a similar problem on my site and I am the admin; I just haven’t played with sidekiq previously.

Is this still the case, 3 hours later?

Yes, I still haven’t seen a single reply or quote notification and there should have been several.

EDIT: They are all coming through now.


The processing of these notification jobs had been inadvertently paused. The system is working its way through the backlog now. We’re looking into the cause of the problem.


There were a bunch of bugs here around Sidekiq and pausing during backups, should all be resolved now.