Reply privately to post / personal message disappeared with update

Version 2.9.0.beta7

Lost the reply-as-personal-message Option in the reply dialogue, and the Create Message option in the create topic dialogue.
Private messages are enabled.

My forum:

Sunday night upgraded after it had been a month or two, so skipped several updates, unfortunately I don’t know exactly when the change happened. I don’t see it as an option here on meta either, so I presume it might be intentional. No settings expose the option, and I can’t find anything in the changelog. Am I crazy?
I can still access the messages section with the hamburger/user menu and ‘new message’ is in there, so messages are enabled.

Edit because locked-thank you @Moin for the direction. All that searching and nothing obvious in the titles for private, message, personal, reply. Glad someone is on the ball!


The change was discussed here

And here are tipps for alternatives