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I have noticed that for a while, replying to posts not always works as I’d expect. If I press the “reply” button at the bottom of a topic, I assume that’s a normal response. But using the reply button next to a specific message should be a reply to that message, showing the link to the parent message with the reply icon.

However, it doesn’t always work and I’m not sure why. I usually quote parts of the original message in replies, but I don’t think that has anything to do with that. I’m using Firefox and this is the forum where I’m experiencing the issue, I don’t know how to look which version they are running:

Are there any known bugs about this? or am I doing something wrong? I couldn’t find anything searching for this.

Hello and welcome @noeldemartin :slightly_smiling_face:

If it’s a reply to the post directly above, the ‘in reply to’ avatar is suppressed to reduce a bit of visual noise, and the context/proximity is meant to convey the conversational link between the two.

However, there is an admin setting that can be toggled to turn it on for every reply, if the admin was amenable. If they search the admin settings for suppress reply they should find these options:

I tried it myself out of curiosity a while ago, and I was surprised by how much busier my screen looked with them disabled, so it may not be for everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that and as a user it seemed like a bug.

In this case though, the post I was replying to was not directly above, but the message above was from the person I was replying to. I guess the same may apply though, if it’s just looking at the person who posted above rather than the message itself.

Thanks for clarifying!

Hmmm. :thinking: It should be connected to the message, not the user. So if I had a run of three consecutive posts, and you then replied to the last one, there’d be no ‘in-reply-to’ visuals. But if you replied to the second of the three, then it should have the ‘in-reply-to’ as they’re not next to each other.

I believe the third setting in the screenshot in the post above may play a part as well, depending on what (if anything) you quoted from the message. Does that sound like it may explain what you’re seeing?

Yes, I was also quoting the message so it could be that third setting at play.

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