In reply to link missing

I have a new hosted forum which I and several other users are testing prior to going live.

We noticed today that the ‘in reply to’ link is missing from the top of a reply posted to a topic. The topic contains 9 posts and the reply in question was posted using the grey reply button in the original post.The reply appears as 7/9 in the list.

Can anyone suggest why this link is missing and not appearing as described in the ‘Taking part in Conversations’ section in this document


There are some configurations that may be affecting this:

  • suppress reply directly above
    Don’t show the expandable in-reply-to on a post when there is only a single reply directly above this post.

  • suppress reply when quoting
    Don’t show the expandable in-reply-to on a post when post quotes reply.

They are all enabled by default to not clutter the UI.

Does the reply you’re experiencing this issue fall into one of those two situations?

No, the reply is the 7th item in a list of 9 items. The reply was made from the first item.

I did try disabling these settings but it made no difference.

Hm, I think it’s automatically suppressed in this case?

All messages without an in-reply-to link aren’t assumed to be replying to the OP, from a UI standpoint?

(I’m replying to the OP now for testing)


That’s exactly it. Have just tried replying to the 3rd message in the list and that contains a link as expected.

I can see the logic now. So much to learn … Thanks.


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