Reply to specific post don't display glyph via API

Hello team
I’m trying to submit a reponse to an specific post in a topic using the API, but there are something wrong when you see the post on browser. The post response dont show arrow and reply username on post info

The official doc it’s not very clear about how posting a response to an specific post

It was reading this post I realize that we need to put ‘reply_to_post_number’:’#post number’ argument in payload of response.

Anyway, sending this argument you can really reply to a specific post and get this data via API, but when you go in browser, the post seem be a regular topic response (there are not arrow glyph showing who you respond).

You only can realize there are a response to post when you try to edit the post itself

Thank you for your help

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Try to disable the


site-setting and see if that achieves the result you want.


Thank you @Johani :ok_hand:

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I assume it worked, so that means there’s presumably nothing wrong with your implementation.

So here’s a little bit of information about that setting:

It only suppresses the in-reply-to UI for posts that are direct replies to other posts.

if you hit the reply button on a post, and there are no posts between your new reply and the post you’re replying to, Discourse will not show this by default

If you leave the setting on, non-direct replies will still show it, like so

So, the first reply to a post won’t show the in-reply-to UI, but consequent replies will.