'reply to post' doesn't always link posts

I’m not 100% sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour, but our users are confused by it: there is an inconsistency in the ‘reply to post’ function (I mean the ‘in post’ grey reply button): in the following two cases, a reply won’t be ‘linked’ to the post:

  1. When replying to the original post
  2. When replying to the most recent post

In the second case I can see the point as the posts are physically next to each other (although I still prefer consistency). In the first case it’s hard to see which post was replied to.

Yeah, this is intended behaviour.

yep, that’s why.

The logic here is a little quirky. If there’s no reply-to-indicator, then it’s either a reply to the post immediately above it, or it’s a reply to the OP.


Thanks Erlend!

The problem with this is that this is impossible to ‘discover’ for users. I think it would be more consistent and easier to understand if the link was displayed everywhere.

Yeah, it’s a tricky choice between repetitiveness (what many would consider unnecessary visual noise) and imperfect information.

Lucky for you there’s a setting for this already, which I only just remembered :smiley: (promise I wasn’t holding back on you)

I believe suppress reply directly below is what you’re after. Search suppress reply to see all related settings.


Aw sheesh, you guys think of EVERYTHING! :joy:

Thanks Erlend!

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