Reply doesn't show the replied to @username/post link

Reply on mobile doesn’t show the replied to @username/post link in the top right - it acts just as if you replied to the original post… I didn’t really notice, but my users who are on mobile did…

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My users just told me that this happens on the desktop as well - come to think of it, I might have noticed that as well…

And does it only happen when you reply to the very last post? - if so, it feels like it’s by design?

Does this thread help answer your question?

Well, it doesn’t answer the question, it just shows that other people are just as confused. If you reply to the OP, it should show nothing, but replying to a reply should indicate which one you are replying to, regardless if it’s the last one. Not indicating that it’s a reply to a reply (and not the OP) is unnecessarily confusing - and no, you can’t necessarily infer which is which by context.


Single replies immediately above or below suppress this to keep the UI from being noisy. To turn off the suppression, search for the word “suppress” in site settings.


Thanks @codinghorror! :smiley: This topic can be closed!