ReplyGif: Adding reaction GIF easily

I’m currently using this: GitHub - davidmh/discourse-giphy: Giphy integration for discourse

The plugin has been updated to support SVG icons with Font Awesome 5


I’ve added this plugin following the guidelines on the github page, but it doesn’t work! I’ve also added it under hooks, but the problem persists. How can I properly install it, or uninstall if it doesn’t work eventually? Thanks in advance!

To uninstall, you simply remove it from your app.yml.

Are you running on HTTPS? Did you add the template to support a reverse proxy?


Fixed! Thank you very much!


Thanks for this great plugin.

I just have a little issue, the icon to insert a Gif doesn’t appear in the window, do you have any idea where it could come from ?

Core’s icons changed to be based on fontawesome 5 sets, which is probably why the icon’s missing. The plugin would need to be updated here to support it.


I don’t think that is it… it already supports FA 5.


On latest, on my sandbox, the icon works fine…

I need to know the Discourse version and if there are any console related errors on your site.


So… is this still working for anyone?

I didn’t take a look at this plugin for a few years but today I did… and the world is https now - after using the reverse proxy solution the JSON that is returned still has URL’s with http:// in them, so they are not showing because of mixed content?


Update: we’ve fixed the above issue by doing the following in our nginx config.
(Disclaimer: I don’t know if the docker image includes the ngx_http_sub_module)

  location /replygif/ {
        proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding "";
        sub_filter /replygif/;
        sub_filter_once off;
        sub_filter_types application/json;

The API URL in your settings should be https://yourforumname/replygif/api/ if you use this.

@PaulinaMX this is working on your forum now


@RGJ Thank you very much :heart: the categories are working perfectly, only it seems that the tags are not working.

That seems to be an issue in the plugin itself. @cpradio do you have any idea?

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@cpradio We need you :heart: