Request: allow "Unseen" as default home page

I love the new “Unseen” page, it’s a much better use-case for my forum than the split “New” and “Unread”. Is it possible to have it added to the list of options for Default Home Page?



Whoo!!! Glad you love it. (When I requested that view I was worried I was the only one that wanted it)

I imagine that’s possible, let’s check with @andrei to confirm.


It’s great! Super happy to have it so thank you once more.

The other minor enhancement for it that would be nice is to also list the post count, similar to New and Unread. Since it seems to be a merging of those two lists anyway, is this just adding those numbers? Probably slightly more work than just adding an option for a default home page but it’d be nice for users who don’t use it as the default home page. It’s slightly jarring to see unread counts next to new and unread and not next to unseen.


We talked about this, but post count would be very expensive to calculate. This view isn’t just new + unread, it’s also all topics you haven’t read yet, even if you don’t track the topic/category. You can think of this as a “filter” of Latest hiding the greyed out (read) topics. So the list could be hundreds or thousands of topics long, even if you only have 5 new and 10 unread topics.


Got it, thanks! That makes sense.


That should be easy, I’ll post here when it’s ready.


I assume the same answer applies to adding a “Dismiss” button to clear the list, similarly to “New” and “Unread”?


That is my understanding, yes. Andrei can likely confirm that too.


Dismiss if very hard, this is like asking for Dismiss on the latest tab, there is not trivial way of adding cause a large amount of stuff you have there is not really disimissable.


This PR makes it possible to use the Unseen view as a default home page:

Keep in mind that the Unseen option will be available only if this view is enabled in site settings, here:

Speaking of dismissing on the Unseen view, I agree with Sam that this is hard.

The best way of thinking about this tab is like about tweaked version of the Latest tab, as Joshua explained:

We don’t show post count and the Dismiss button on the Latest tab because we don’t mean that users should read through all topics on that tab, the same applies to the Unseen tab.


Many thanks!

Understood regarding the Dismiss button also. It’s good to view it as a filter of Latest (as @jomaxro said) rather than a concatenation of New and Unread.


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