Request: browser forward/back keyboard shortcuts in Discourse Hub app

Small request but I keep thinking of it every few days!

I’d love for the browser “forward” and “back” keyboard shortcuts — CMD-[ and CMD-] for  — to also work in the Discourse Hub mobile app. At least on iPad they currently don’t do anything (but work fine in Safari / Chrome / Firefox on iPad + keyboard)

I know Discourse has its own shortcuts that also work, but I keep using the standard browser ones due to muscle memory so would be nice to have parity given that the hub app vs. browser experience is otherwise pretty identical.


Thanks for the suggestion Brendan, I have added support for keyboard navigation in the app, the relevant code is in core so you can try them out here on meta now.

Both Command + left / right and Command + [ / ] are supported.


Awesome, works great, thanks for adding!


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