Request or idea for a component: topic title or topic flair

Based on the ealier debate at Topic Title Flair - or something like that?

I will here illustrate the topic flair/type feature.

Tags are good for grouping the content a post is about.
Topic types are good to group the type of posts.

In a minor active forum - tons of sub forums may be a structure killer with many half empty subforums (forums with no a rare activity). For this purporse topic types may be a solution.

When posting a new topic it could look like this

In the forum list it could look something like this:

I hope someone see the benefit and will take the challange to make something simular…

As discussed before, tags already do most of what you ask.

Create a tag group called “topic type”, add the tags you want, make it required.

See Tag icons component. That handles changing how tags look.

If you don’t like the way that tags are selected, you could get a theme component that would let you select them as in your image rather than the existing interface. I’m not sure how much work it would be but if you have a budget, you can commission a checkbox tag selector theme component.


This is 100% what tags are for, see