Request to become English (UK) reviewer

I’ve been taking a dabble at looking at the English (UK) translations for Discourse due to the date format that is different from US English.

Could I please be added as a reviewer for the English (UK) team in Transifex so I can check the syntax and clear out the translations as I go?

Due to the lack of custom languages on Transifex I was planning to add “English (UK)” as “English (International)” to Discourse. We want to provide an out-of-the-box solution for international date/time formats. Did you want to change anything other than the date formats specifically for UK? Because then I’d need to take a different approach.


I’m not sure of that exactly I’d plan to work on long term but currently my work is restricted to using UK spelling variations (e.g. the use of colour [common UK usage] over colour [US usage]).

You might need to take a slightly different approach.


I guess I’ll misuse another language variant then. :smiley: Or maybe do it without Transifex…

I’ve added you as reviewer.