British English locale

(Christoph) #1

Is there any specific reason why there is no British English locale? (Or any other non-US English, for that matter)

My concern is mainly with the US date format, which is not common outside the US but if you want an English locale on a discourse site, it is forced upon you. But others might have other reasons for wanting British English.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

(Leo McArdle) #3

As a proud English English speaker I’ve never run into any problems.

July 04, 2017 is completely understandable to me, it’s something like 07/04/17 which is prone to confusion (is it 4 July 2017*, 7 April 2017, or 17 April 2007?), but thankfully I’ve never seen a date formatted like that in Discourse.

* This is the one which makes the least sense, why would you not go in a consistent order? What do they put in the water over there? Lots of tea, I guess. Can’t we all just agree to use ISO 8601?

(Christoph) #4

I don’t think this is about whether or not US dates are understandable. They certainly are. It’s more a question of whether you’re used to a particular date format so that you can read it without thinking about it or not.

On discourse, the most confusing date formats in US English are the frequently used short formats Jun 16 and Jun '16. A British locale would spare me that confusion.

(Leo McArdle) #5

Oh yes, I’d forgotten about that one - I have in the past found dates formatted like that very confusing…