Require a specific admin to approve certain (destructive) actions

One of our tags went missing a little while back, and since tag deletion is not logged (is it?) I was not able to find out what happened to it.

Would it be possible to put a specific admin user as the ‘owner’ or approver of things like tags or other destructive actions? So things could be put into a queue or a temporary state of ‘delete’ until approved by that admin?

Some items which I think may need such approval:

  • Deletion of Tags
  • Deletion of or anonymising (or similar) of user accounts
  • Deletion of categories
  • Mass deletion of Topics
  • etc

Either that, or have a roll back feature for destructive actions that could happen by accident?

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Was this tag applied to any topics at the time of deletion?

Yes - about 5 or 6…

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I’d say this should be Step 0 here. Extra approval controls is really complicated, and the way I see it we could only restrict Moderators anyhow. Getting into different tiers of admin rights would be super complicated. I would strive for easier roll-backs before getting into granular approval controls.


Presumably the staff member who deleted this tag at least got a dialog that said something along these lines…

You’re about to delete this tag, which will remove it from {x} topics. Are you sure?

Can you confirm that’s the case @jomaxro?

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Confirmed (I’m working on tags at the moment so had it open already)