Required Tags + Allow Other Tags

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a requirement on a category where the user has to select one tag from a tag group, and then any other tags they add are free form. I thought this would be allowed via requiring one tag from my tag group and then the Allow Other Tags option. This doesn’t seem to be the case. If I enable allow other tags on top of everything else, it seems to completely remove the first requirement.

Actually, might this be a bug @team?

Are you testing this with a regular account or an admin account?

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Can I choose not to answer that question?

It’s an admin account. I thought one of my test accounts was normal for some reason. I’ll try again with de-elevated permissions in a moment.

Okay, reporting back. It works as intended for a normal user.

However, it’s not just admins that can bypass this, Moderators can as well. Is that intentional? If not, it’s a bug. If yes, I suppose I can make a feature suggestion for a setting that requires staff accounts to obey the tag rules.


It is currently how it’s supposed to work, but there is this feature request to change it to the way you’re suggesting:


Thanks! Will give it a look over.


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