[Resolved] Recent change breaks connectivity in Docker (+ non-Docker)

I’ve had issues with being completely unable to connect to a Dockerised dev instance.

I thought I’d give the non_docker dev version a try. From there I could connect to localhost but not any other address. I then saw featheredtoast’s comment about changing the defaults in dev environments to ensure that they bind to localhost (64d51a). So on the Docker instance I checked out the rev prior to that, and I can connect to the Dockerised instance!

Steps to replicate:

  1. Follow Beginners Guide to Install Discourse for Development using Docker

  2. Connections to port 9292 (localhost,, ::1, or by IP) are immediately closed

  3. git checkout 4935c9f1f8db54312d8343a278c23cb0d3f6b61b (prior rev)

  4. Rebuild dev environment and run

  5. Connections to port 9292 work as expected


Sure, this is a great catch, addressed here:

If you wish to globally expose the ports from the container to the network (default off) use.

d/boot_dev -p

Thanks @sam :+1:

Can confirm that with latest master (2 commits after yours at time of writing) connectivity seems to work as intended.


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