Resolving an error more than a year after publishing it

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Seeing a topic I created a little over a year ago
I realize that the problem I had at that time could have been easily solved, however nobody noticed it, if you look at the original post the app.yml file has a small error and it is that one of the plugins does not have at the end the “.git” and this apparently was all the problem I had, I share this because although it seems simple, it could be happening to many at the time I “solved” it by uploading another “app.yml” file that was not “corrupt” , but apparently it simply did not have the line that was added to the last plugin, therefore it worked without problems, at the time it seemed strange to me that a text editor like sublime text corrupted the file, taking into account that it is the one that always use to edit server files had never had any problems.

## Plugins go here
## see for details
    - exec:
        cd: $home/plugins
          - git clone
          - git clone

In short, I share it only as an anecdote and probably this can solve the problems of some.

And has something similar ever happened to you? That a “blunder” error has been caused by something as simple as the lack of a point or a parenthesis, etc.

I’m sad to say that was not the error. Rebuilds work fine without including the .git at the end of the repository link.

Looking at the old topic it was likely to be an invalid character as was suggested at the time. Though deleting it and creating a new one seemed to sort that out for you without needing to track it down precisely. :tada::+1:


Yep is sad :smiling_face_with_tear:.

But, it’s good to know that it works without the “.git” at the end, I’ll see if by chance I still have the aforementioned file to review it thoroughly. Although I doubt it, the only thing I have is the file published in the forum, so it is most likely that it was corrupt, in the end I will see if I can reproduce said error in a test server.

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From a quick read, my best guess is that you had tabs in your YML when you tried to add the plugin. I find it safest to copy/paste the docker_manager line and then edit the URL on the pasted one.

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