Restore Mailing List Mode Daily Summary

by the way: these users DO get other mails from discourse …

Anything in /logs that seems relevant? It’s been quite a while since any tweaks have been made to this so I’m guessing something may have been deprecated by now?

no relevant entries in /logs

How about in admin/email/skipped?

thanks for the tip, but no skipped mails beside “anon”-users (anonymized by discourse)

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hi @joebuhlig,
after looking further into this we found what caused that users didnt get the daily summary:

all users that have been added after the latest commit on sept 15 2018 have a value 't' or 'f' in the field value of table user_custom_fields, while the plugin expects 'true' or 'false'.

we suspect that in the changes of the last commit something went wrong and type bolean and text got mixed up.

we would very much appreciate if you could have a look and maybe fix this. we are relying on the plugin for the purpose of our discourse-installation - sending information to parents about whats going on in the school of their kids once a day.

thanks, etienne

Got it. I’ll get the ProCourse team on this one. But note that this one doesn’t fall under our list of ProCourse owned plugins so it may take a bit to complete.

Regardless, thanks for deep diving to find the solution here.

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thanks a lot for looking into this! would be great to see a fix - whatever timeframe. we now have a workaround for the moment (fixing those entries by hand in the database ;-).

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how can i do a translation for this plugin?

My community is german based and its better when we have our native language in this plugin.

My second question is. How can i change the template of the summary?
Under the New topics and Topic updates section are listened the categories.
But my wish is that are the category names again under every topic name in the list.

Here you are:


hey @joebuhlig, any news about the possible bugfix for mlm_daily_summary? thanks, etienne

It’s probably at least a couple weeks out. We’ve got a handful of clients with ongoing work we’re trying to cover right now. If you want this to go into that queue, it would land at $200. Otherwise, we have to wait for a lull in that work before jumping into one of these unsupported plugins.

hi @joebuhlig, as we are running the forum for the school of our kids to give parents a better insight in their participation and we are doing this as volunteers we dont have any money to spend. there is one feature though that might be interesting enough to raise money and if you could include it we would try to find the money:

exclude topics from the daily summary that have already been send to users because they are watching a topic.

or maybe thats already a hidden feature, we didnt find?

let us know if it would be an option for your team to add this and fix the bug in one package and what we would need to raise for this. what do you think?

That’s a standard feature of Discourse that I think this plugin was designed to disable.

If you’re sending out daily summaries and don’t have to many messages per day and people know how to watch categories, the standard behavior might be all you need.

It doesn’t disable the digest but it does provide another option.

Exactly! If you’re limiting what goes out in the summary, it now becomes a digest. Which is the default setup in Discourse.


hi @joebuhlig and @pfaffman,

thanks for your replies. but i don’t really get it and maybe you can help me out:

what settings would I need to change to change the current behaviour (ALL topics are included in the daily summary even if the reached the user already during the day because the watch the category)?

thanks in advance,

If I understand correctly, all you need to do is turn off the mailing-list-mode-daily-summary plugin.

The thiing is that the summary might not include ALL of the posts for the day, it chooses just the top 5 or something. You can see what the normal summary looks like at (something like) /admin -> email -> summary.

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ah - now i get what you are telling me.

as we need ALL messages to get to our users in the daily summary using the build-in function is not an option. it does not send out all messages.

thats why we are using the mailing-list-mode-daily-summary plugin in the first place.

but now we are getting comments from users about getting messages twice: first as mail during the day because they are watching a topic and then later in the mlm-daily-summary again.

but probably it is not consistent with the idea of a daily SUMMARY to exclude certain messages (that have been send to the user already). so users have to get used to getting things twice i guess.

If your users watch the categories that they want they will get all of the messages. They do get each one individually rather than a single message with all of them.

People who watch a category or visit the site regularly don’t need mailing list mode or the plugin.

Sounds like you have a conflict between the staff’s desires and the users’ desires. Staff wants everyone to see everything, but the users only want to see a summary.

I’m guessing you’ll need to rectify that discrepancy first.