[PAID] upgrade MLM-daily-Summary plugin to work with discourse 3 and higher

hi all,

we are using the mlm-daily-summary by @joebuhlig in two discourse sites. in both projects it is crucial to send users the daily summary to keep them up-to-date. we have tested discourse 3.05 with the plugin and even if it looks nice, settings can be set and the database ist correctly altered by the plugin, it is not sending out any mails. as far as we see things this can have three possible reasons:

  • the plugin is not triggered hourly as it should
  • the plugin isn’t finding users that shoud get the summary (we fixed the database problem described here)
  • the plugin does not identify relevant posts correctly

as we need to upgrade to discourse 3 for other reasons we would like to get the mlm-daily-summary plugin fixed. we haven’t heard from @joebuhlig for quite some time - so this goes out to all of you: is anyone interested in doing that for us (and the rest of the community)? please get in touch.

looking forward to hearing from you,

What would you like done?

When do you need it done?
in a perfect world we would be able to work with the updated plugin at the end of august - but that is not a hard deadline.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
we would need a rough estimate to discuss this internally and agree on a budget.

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Yes, at Communiteq we would like to help keep this plugin alive and we would be open to sharing the cost of fixing it 50-50 with you. Please PM me if you’re interested.


I suggest requesting a quote to add tests / specs to the plugin, which warn about problems during update, without much manual testing.

Is anybody aware of other plugins which include tests as best-practice examples?

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