Restore Mailing List Mode Daily Summary

Do you mean “any emails” or “any notifications” ? Sorry for the hair-splitting but it makes a big difference. The settings we’re discussing right now determine whether a notification generates an email. They should not interfere with the actual notifications being generated.

I suppose that “someone messages me” also includes group messages.

any emails.

Even if they not directly address you, but you’re just watching/following a category, yes.

Question remains: How does one receive one digest email per day, no separate mail for every topic and some kind of mail for personal messages send directly to himself/herself? :wink:

Again: no. First drop down is for everything we call a “message”, second drop down is for everything that happens in categories/topics.

  • Install the MLM Daily Summary plugin.
  • Send me an email when someone messages me: only when away
  • Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @ username, or invites me to a topic: never
  • Watch/track categories: my/preferences/categories and select all categories you want to include in the daily digest

It seems to be, this plug-in isn’t compatible with this theme component: Search banner theme component - #61 by awesomerobot
The problem appears at the 2.9.0.beta1 Discourse version. It’s described in the last posts of the topic. After turning discourse-mlm-daily-summary plug-in off, search banner started working correctly.


I have fixed the issue with the plugin and made a pull request to the original repository.

EDIT which has been merged already :heart:

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Does this plugin include reply-to addresses for each of the topics included? In our community, we have a number of email-only users who actually do not wish to visit the forum via the Discourse web interface, but they would like to be able to reply to a particular topic if they choose to do so.

Currently, the only way to do this is if they have a notification email to reply from. Presently, I am instructing such users to enable the “Send me first post notifications” on all categories that they might wish to reply to.

However, it would seem cleaner if that functionality existed from within this plugin, without requiring them to receive additional “starting-point” emails they don’t otherwise want. For example, if they wish to modify the notification status for a particular conversation (by replying track, watch, or mute,) can they do so from summary emails generated by this plugin?

It worked. With these settings I receive daily digests and notifications of private messages. I still receive digest entries for every category, that I didn’t explicitly mute, but I guess that’s just a feature, right?

Does this mean the plugin will not work with 2.8? I am still on that version due to the hosting we have (yunohost).

If yes, would the sent daily summary appear here: https://MY_DISCOURSE.COM/admin/email/sent ?

Would it be sent if only new activity is by me?

I am trying to figure out why the plugin does not work on my test instance (daily digests are sent just fine) - any ideas?

If I get it correctly, this is the only settig in settings>e-mails, right:

If your Discourse is at 2.8, on what commit of the plugin are you?

That said, 2.8 has security issues, you should update ASAP. Tell your host to get their sh*t together :wink:

I am on latest git, should I try to downgrade to GitHub - procourse/discourse-mlm-daily-summary at 9135fda73104cffc6a113a985c905425195f08b7 ?

Yes, I hope we get the upgrade soon.

Technically I would pick the commit that was current when 2.8 came out which is ab6ccad.

But :

  • it seems like the last three commits there are exactly the same.
  • they are client side fixes so I doubt that they are causing the emails not to be sent out.

If I had to guess right now, this might be your issue: No summary emails received · Issue #4 · procourse/discourse-mlm-daily-summary · GitHub

Well, we are on 2.8.13, I guess I was unclear.

I cannot manage to make rake work and while trying to fix it, I completely messed up the ruby installation (I am playing on a test server). The ./launcher enter app is docker specific, right (yunohost does not use docker so I guess we are on our own :-(). If I understand it correctly, these values need to be checked in the console, right?

When 2.8.13 was released, 2.9 was far underway already as well, so if you’re on 2.8.13 you should normally search for plugin code that is compatible with 2.8.0 (since 2.8.13 is 2.8.0 plus bug fixes).

As we are moving to discourse 3 with a forum that relies on MLM Daily Summary: Has anyone gathered experience about MLM Daily Summary with Discourse 3? Did any problems occur?

Thanks in advance for any short answer!

Unless I’m missing something checking on my phone, it looks like this hasn’t been updated in a year. There have been many changes since then. I’d recommend spinning up a staging instance to do testing.

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you’re right the plugin has not been updated for a while. it is running fine with discourse 2.8.9 though. starting next week we are going to set up a test instance - i was just curious if someone here has made some experience that would be good to know.

we would be happy to support updating the plugin if that would be necessary, but i haven’t seen @joebuhlig around here for a while … let’s see what our test shows …

Did you document your results somewhere?
I heard you got problems running the plugin on the current discourse (3.1.0)?

hi @thoka ! we are still testing the mlm daily summary plugin in discourse 3.0.5. at the moment summary mails are not getting send out, still no idea why. i will get back, when we have some better overview …

i posted our request for an upgrade of the mlm-daily-summary plugin on the marketplace. please feel free to get i touch if you are

a) interested in using the upgraded version or
b) are able to help us with the upgrade.

thanks, etienne

we are now working on a forked version of the mlm-daily-summary, fixing the known issues and adding some features we found to be useful. if anyone of you is working with the plugin at the moment we would be interested in hearing other issues you came about or feature you would like to see. curious …