Restore Mailing List Mode Daily Summary

(Joe Buhlig) #42

It doesn’t disable the digest but it does provide another option.

Exactly! If you’re limiting what goes out in the summary, it now becomes a digest. Which is the default setup in Discourse.

(Etienne Girardet) #43

hi @joebuhlig and @pfaffman,

thanks for your replies. but i don’t really get it and maybe you can help me out:

what settings would I need to change to change the current behaviour (ALL topics are included in the daily summary even if the reached the user already during the day because the watch the category)?

thanks in advance,

(Jay Pfaffman) #44

If I understand correctly, all you need to do is turn off the mailing-list-mode-daily-summary plugin.

The thiing is that the summary might not include ALL of the posts for the day, it chooses just the top 5 or something. You can see what the normal summary looks like at (something like) /admin -> email -> summary.

(Etienne Girardet) #45

ah - now i get what you are telling me.

as we need ALL messages to get to our users in the daily summary using the build-in function is not an option. it does not send out all messages.

thats why we are using the mailing-list-mode-daily-summary plugin in the first place.

but now we are getting comments from users about getting messages twice: first as mail during the day because they are watching a topic and then later in the mlm-daily-summary again.

but probably it is not consistent with the idea of a daily SUMMARY to exclude certain messages (that have been send to the user already). so users have to get used to getting things twice i guess.

(Jay Pfaffman) #46

If your users watch the categories that they want they will get all of the messages. They do get each one individually rather than a single message with all of them.

People who watch a category or visit the site regularly don’t need mailing list mode or the plugin.

(Joe Buhlig) #47

Sounds like you have a conflict between the staff’s desires and the users’ desires. Staff wants everyone to see everything, but the users only want to see a summary.

I’m guessing you’ll need to rectify that discrepancy first.

(Etienne Girardet) #48

yes, you are right @joebuhlig. we’ll decide on that in the team.

as for your proposal of paying 200$ for the bugfixes: we are discussing that tomorrow in a team-meeting. will let you know.

(Etienne Girardet) #49

hi @joebuhlig,

sorry - i forgot to tell you earlier: i couldnt bet through with my proposal of paying you guys for fixing the bug. so we would wait for you and your team to find time to fix it.

we are looking forward to seeing the bug fixed.

best, etienne