Can I restrict topics to one Category?

Hi there,

Sorry if the headline is a bit confusing.

The idea is that any user (even those who just started) can move their topic to the certain Category, but can’t move it back out of this Category. Is this possible?


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Have you tried to :lock: lock the first post of said topic? (like I did in this topic)

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How did you do that?

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I clicked the under the post, then :wrench: and finally :lock: Lock Post.


Thank you very much!

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The other options were not fully explored here @zogstrip

  • modify your site settings so users can’t get to TL3, as that trust level allows them to edit category and title on any topic

  • modify your site settings so the allowed user edit window is very short, like 5 minutes, after that 5 minute period they would no longer be able to edit their posts, and thus edit the topic category on the first post.

  • change ownership of their post, then they would no longer be able to edit it as they don’t own the post any more, but it is a bit nuclear.