Restrict tags to category is incompatible with tag filter not being reset when category changes

In 2.6.0 this change was made:

Keep tag filter value when changing the category dropdown

However, this feels quite incompatible with restricting tags to a category.

It easily results in this workflow:

  1. Go to category with category-specific tags
  2. Filter by one of those tags
  3. Change categories
  4. No posts are listed, and it’s not clear why

In our team’s use case (public user community forum), this pretty much prevents us from using tags in a specific category, which we have a good use case for, and that’s a bummer.

Is there a way to reset the tag filter when the category changes?

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Hi @paulo :slight_smile:

I reproduced the issue and understand how it can be confusing.

There is no way to do that currently, so I’m moving this to feature :slight_smile: