How do I filter for tags by category from the tag page?

I’m currently on the ‘faq’ tag page

I now only want to see topics tagged ‘faq’ in the ‘Announcements’ Category, so I use the dropdown from ‘all categories’ to choose ‘Announcements’

But instead of the ‘faq’ choice persisting, in becomes ‘all tags’.

This was a surprising behavior to me because I went to the tag page precisely because I cared about the tag. I don’t want to go to the category then filter by the tag again.

Is there a way to easily filter tags by category from the tag page?

In fact, I think the navigation is not consistent in general. For example, from the ‘faq’ page, this user sees that there’s one new unread topic.

However, when the user clicks on ‘New (1)’, nothing is displayed, because the new topic isn’t tagged ‘faq’ (the url clicking that tab goes to is

But if I go to the ‘Top’ tab, it’s not filtered by ‘tag’ anymore.

My preference would be for the tags page to keep the tag persistent across Categories, Latest, New, and Top, with adjustments that make it so there’s no new topic count if the new topic is not tagged with the relevant tag.

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