Restricting user profiles based on trust level or group

Greetings friendly friends

I’ve done a bit of searching and haven’t seen anything exactly what we need:
Restrict public viewing of user profile source feature

In our use case (Makerspace with internal membership, with public access to ask questions, share show and tell, etc). We generate in-organization users with the api, and give them trust level 3. Public users are restricted to 0 1 or 2. by use of groups. We want the ability to stop anyone not in-organization to see user cards/profiles - either by group or trust level 3+ etc.

Edit to add: mostly because as a members organization we want the ability to use real-name in the profile without doxxing everyone’s link between real name and common internet handle.

Is this a sane request?

This plugin may help.

If it is in posts ie click on my profile in post you may need to use css to hide this option or custom plugin

The Author above might be willing to add but would need to consult him.