Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse


The reactions are no longer showing up in PMs. Did something change? I could have sworn they were there before. :thinking:

(James Kiesel) #227

Thanks for the report; this has been fixed in the latest.

(Adrianbblk) #228

Hi ,

Amazing plugin, thanks for that. Just one design suggestion, I think would be better if the reaction given would be displayed with no background. :smiley:

Thanks again and good luck.



a few styling issues. this is with the default theme.

(Mattias Petter Johansson) #230

Oh, this is great! I really would like this to be a part of the plugins included in the business plan of discourse hosting.

(Blu McCormick) #231

Awesome plugin! Thanks for suggesting this plugin, @mcwumbly, and for getting me thinking about this, @mofosyne.

What do I look at to get a list of the emoticons that I will be able to select from to use in this plugin? I am thinking it is probably a standardized set or is it the set we have available through discourse? I want to have emoticons that rate/react to the quality of discourse (how civil you are) when talking to others as discussed here:

Solved, thanks to @paulkreuzer:

(Blu McCormick) #232


Can I limit what emojis are used as retorts through the plugin? Or do I go directly into the discourse settings and limit emojis across the board that are to be used as retorts as well as in the texts of posts, etc.?

Perhaps a better way of putting this is . . .

My dream scenario is to limit the retorts to a category of emojis I created for a particular type of retort (encouraging constructive discourse), but to leave the emojis that people can use in their posts open to all categories? Is that possible, and how?

Thanks in advance.

(cpradio) #233

Go to Admin > Settings and search for retort, I think it is built in and does not require altering the emoji’s that Discourse uses.

Seems I am correct

There has got to be a way to have a scoring based on the civility of a post, rather than just popularity
(Blu McCormick) #234

Thanks, @cpradio.

I did but didn’t find anything related to retort:

I am with and they might not have that plugin installed. Is that right @michaeld?

Hm, from that code, it seems like you can just list the emojis that are allowed for retorts without affecting what is used by members elsewhere.

(cpradio) #235


Click on Plugins, you should be able to see if it is installed.

(Blu McCormick) #236

Yeah, Iooked and it wasn’t listed in plugins and have an order for it to be added into

(Blu McCormick) #237

I have the same problem as you did months ago. I just added emojis, today, March 13, 2018. Did you ever figure out a fix for this in your troubleshooting?

If I turn the retort limited emoji set off I get this cut off window which you cannot scroll down:

If I can just get my tailored list of emojis to work, I’m happy. Looks like it should work fine if go by this rule (Thanks, @gdpelican.):

Except I have 25 emojis but they aren’t forming 5X5 rows. Any ideas as to why this might be?


I can get 20 icons to work though, but then, the last emoji doesn’t appear and only a clip is displayed instead of an image If I do 20 emojis:

Should I be using this forked version, @schungx if I want to have neat rows, not be limited to a particular number of emojis, and fix the defect in the last (bottom-right) emoji that is invisible?

What format should the emojis be in to be accepted by the Retort Plugin?
(Blu McCormick) #238

Has anyone tried this forked version of the plugin that Stephen kindly made?

I am having the identical issues that Stephen did, and am thinking of asking discoursehosting if they’d mind installing this version instead of the original. I have a message into Stephen as well. I guess what I want to know is if it works nicely.

(Blu McCormick) #239

Thanks, @lll (Joe) for helping me figure this out. I am posting here in case anyone else has problems.

  1. I logged out and in and that updated the emojis and cleared the cache.
  2. I exlusively used EmojiOne and (for whatever reason) that gave me the pngs in the correct format getting rid of the off-white backdrop.
  3. I plugged in Joe’s code and that set up my rows beautifully and I was able to input as many emojis as I wanted.

Here is the code:

Here is my beautiful chart of emojis:

Thank you, @schungx for helping me eliminate other possible explanations.

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(Tom) #242

Not sure if you already found the repro steps for this yourself, but I noticed this bug too and after some testing this seems to be the way to reproduce this 100% of the times:

When adding an emoji reaction to a topic or post while your current page is translated to another language (for example using Google Chrome > Right click > translate page), a “bugged” emoji (:translated_emoji_name:) reaction is added instead of the actual emoji icon.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a topic or choose an existing one.
  2. Click the add reaction button.
  3. Right click anywhere (using chrome) and translate the page to any language you want.
  4. The :emoji_names: get translated, and when adding them it will post the translated text as an emoji reaction.
    Looks like this for the :heart_eyes: emoji when the page is translated into spanish:

It does not work for every emoji because not all the names get translated.

Hope this helps, if it was already answered/discovered then my bad for not finding it in this topic.

(Vaping Community) #243

Latest update introduced some problems, a float: left; which broke hover pop ups and something is wrong with the placement.

.post-retort {
   background: #dfdfff;
   padding: 2px;
   margin: 2px;
   margin-top: 2px;
   border-radius: 5px;
   border: 1px solid #ccf;
   position: relative;
   outline: 0;

I fixed both problems with:

.post-retort {
    margin-top: 33px !important;
    float: none;

(James Kiesel) #244

Thanks for the report; this should be fixed in the latest master.

(Vaping Community) #245

The positon: relative on .post-retort is breaking the layout for Android users on chrome, one of my members reported a margin on the right on Samsung Galaxy S3 and removing position: relative using the developers tools in Firefox fixed it

Edit: I changed it to postion: static !important

But breaks the hover…

(Vaping Community) #246

I’ve narrowed it down to this…


The width on the last one in the row is creating the margin on the right even though it’s not visible until you hover…

Final Solution:

.post-retort__tooltip {
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

.post-retort:hover .post-retort__tooltip {
visibility: visible;
display: inline;