Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

Setting up a certain trust level or group membership as requirement would be great. I would love to implement it as premium feature for premium members in my forum.

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I really want to include this in our forum that’s being imported from phpbb… I’m just not sure on how the users will understood that they will have a “reactions” and a “like” altogether… I fear that they will end ignoring the like in favor of the reactions :confused:

I suppose, you could tweak the UI with CSS and/or Jquery so that people see multiple emojis to react with

What would be even more amazing is to grey out the extra emojis and lead the CTA to buy a certain group membership to enable that feature.

Retort includes the retort limited emoji set setting to present a fixed list of emoji.

You could pair that down to 3/4 reactions beyond ‘like’ to encourage users to use the like button when it’s relevant.

That doesn’t sound amazing, that sounds really really user-hostile.

Seems like disabling the plugin and rebuilding still breaks the post content. I had to go to finder -> ~/discourse/plugins, then had to manually remove the retort folder.

@gdpelican The retort plugin is inteferring with the emoji selection box, see this post:

I can confirm the above bug

Hi @Vaping_Community, @Jose_C_Gomez :relaxed:

Does this PR fix your problem?

We were having similar troubles and now are fixed with this. (Maybe you have to rebuild your app)

Yes it is now fixed.

I offer my users an iOS/Android app that they can use to access my forum.

When opening topics in the apps, often the posts won’t load properly, or only the navigation will appear.

I’m also seeing these errors in /logs:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined
    at i.disabledFor (https://.../assets/plugins/retort-0e38325ecc1e77022640749d263c616fa2014661562526df5557240511da536a.js:1:3734)
    at https://.../assets/plugins/retort-0e38325ecc1e77022640749d263c616fa2014661562526df5557240511da536a.js:1:4642
    at https://.../assets/application-005c06796edb69789ba3362843ad68e4f0e5b629e4bce0ccfce36db53770401e.js:75:13612
    at (<anonymous>)


TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'e.get')
map@[native code]

Turning off Retort solves the issue. In a regular mobile browser it works fine.

Having this bug means I may have to either stop having an app or turning off Retort, neither of which are great alternatives :smiley: I’d be happy to pay to have this fixed - if that helps :slight_smile:

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@DiscourseMetrics I’ve pushed a fix that I believe will fix this issue, although I have to admit not spinning up a separate app to check. Could you please pull down the account-for-missing-post branch and verify that the issue is resolved?

git clone -b account-for-missing-post

The blank topics happens less now, so we are on the right track :slight_smile:

Now seeing these errors:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined
    at i.postFor (https://.../assets/plugins/retort-e5332d5fc1fdd242b0b5702995f9e863e10f7e9def1d713e49cce1c391de94ed.js:1:3337)


TypeError: i is undefined
Url: https://.../assets/plugins/retort-e5332d5fc1fdd242b0b5702995f9e863e10f7e9def1d713e49cce1c391de94ed.js


TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'i.retorts')
Url: https://.../assets/plugins/retort-e5332d5fc1fdd242b0b5702995f9e863e10f7e9def1d713e49cce1c391de94ed.js
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Alright, give me a little time and I’ll have a further look into this; it seems as though the app must somehow be doing something differently than the web.

If you have a way to grant me access to the app / forum in question, that would help a lot. :slight_smile:

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//my various css code here

Is not changing the defaults. any thoughts? thx

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I’ve been setting up a Halloween event for my community @gdpelican, and will be using :candy: as a retort reaction.

However, I really don’t know anything about SQL if I’m being honest. I want to create two data explorer queries. One would show who has received the most :candy: reactions, and another for who has given the most :candy: reactions. Is this feasible? Thanks for your time!

Confirmed here, we had previously customized this CSS. Now the inheritance is different somehow, and the defaults are overriding any CSS we set. Would appreciate a fix or at least workaround.

In our case, the background color especially is bad because the default is using a color from our theme that is too dark and obscures the icons.

I have a retort that has been added to a post 22 times.


If I try to press it as number 23, I get a 403 Internal server error.

This error is shown in the logs:

Failed to handle exception in exception app middleware : PG::StringDataRightTruncation: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(255)

I wonder if it is storing the username of every person adding a retort and the field is too short when lots are added? :slight_smile:


I’m wondering if there is a limit on the # of reactions allowed per topic/post. :slight_smile:

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I don’t like bumping, but the inheritance glitch in the CSS for .post-retort is really making retort dysfunctional for us since the dark color in our case makes many emojis nearly invisible.



Is it possible to have the popup over all the buttons? Right now the popup’s are within each button element, so the next one covers up the previous one.

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