Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

I have no problem overriding…


    margin-right: 5px !important;
    padding: 0.5em !important;
    background: lavender !important;

.post-retort img.emoji
    width: 2.8em !important;
    height: 2.8em !important;

    font-size: 1.5em !important;
    color: #222 !important;
    padding: 1px 1px 1px 5px !important;
    vertical-align: middle !important;
    clear: both !important;

Above is what I have and it has been working for many versions of retort. Are you sure you’re not missing an !important somewhere?

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Thanks, I meant to update this when we fixed it. It used to work without the !important but now that’s indeed necessary. It maybe ought not be required, but it’s a feasible answer.


Well, !important is a hack. Should work until it… well… doesn’t (when it breaks something else).

If you don’t want !important, you need to be careful about the specificities of your CSS rules, which must be higher than the specificites of the original stylesheet. But this is not at all foolproof because the original stylesheet can always change specificity with more terms and your styles will still break.

So better stick to !important since nothing is foolproof anyway.

  1. Thank you very much for this plug in! :+1: :100:
  2. I’ve been told to tell you that your plug-in is the cause of rate-limiting the number of emojis we can post.
  3. If possible,
    • please allow for the same amount of reactions to be posted as the number of :heart:
  4. If impossible,
    • Please tell me to go bark up Discourse’s tree again…

:wink: :grin:

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New issue, please look into this! :pleading_face:


Is it possible to import custom emojis into this?

And potentially a feature request, is it possible to restrict the emoji-set based on specific user-based features? IE give users of X group access to Y set of emojis?


Custom emojis added to Discourse can be used.


Yup, at we even made custom emojis with the standard symbols in order to give them custom names! See Using the extra reaction options - Community Forum - Community Discussions


Yes. One thing to note since I just reported it on Github. The latest fix that was pushed several hours ago broke their custom emojis. See here:

EDIT: The issue was due to a bug in the main Discourse source, which was speedily squashed and thoroughly fixed. Resolved. Thanks!


@gdpelican after recent update. Retort buttom fades entire screen with no selectable emoji at least on mobile.

Have to kill window and reload. Clicking on empty space or changing screens does not fix

Broken on desktop as well

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Are you using it with Babble by any chance? Babble’s affected by the same trouble as retort (since they both have emoji pickers), which I’m looking into now. A fresh install with just Retort works just fine as far as I can tell.


Okay will try disabled babble. Refreshed no effect waa working 4 upgrades ago. No custom emoji in use.

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I am removing a really old way of doing events in Discourse right now to help us upgrade Ember. I noticed that retort does TopicRoute.on('setupTopicController') which is being removed. Retort will need to be updated to do this in another way.

I would normally submit a PR but I noticed that the messageBus events are not being cleaned up either. I would recommend moving this logic to a custom component in a plugin outlet inside topic. The messageBus definitely needs to be unsubscribed when it’s not shown (and if it’s ever re-shown and hasn’t been cleaned up before.)


Thanks for the heads-up; I’ve patched this up in the latest version.


Hi just updated Retort to latest revision.

Still have faded window on mobile(haven’t tested desktop). Still get faded screen with no emoji select window. However can tap any where to get back to forum without closing window.

Thank you again for your efforts to fix your awesome plugin.


I can confirm that everything’s working as expected on the latest Discourse / Retort versions on, so there must be something different about your settings / customizations. Anything spring to mind as a possibility?


Nothing I can think of. There wasn’t anything recently installed. I am running Discourse Stable 2.4.1

It works for me on your babble site. I checked our light and dark themes no luck.

No mods to post messages areas save Post Badge and that was working before with it.

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Okay Retort is confirmed to work with no restricted Emoji is not on. If Restricted is turned on the emoji retort window does not open. Just greys/dulls screen.

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Although it’s working fine for us overall, the newest update introduced a noticeable lag, a second or two before the items show up after clicking to add a reaction.

Ok here is a list of plugins installed.

  • Procourse Installer
  • Assign (not enabled)
  • BBcode
  • Canned Replies
  • Fingerprint
  • Follow
  • Merge Users
  • Policy (Not enabled)
  • Ratings
  • Restricted Replies
  • Saved Searches
  • Solved
  • User Notes
  • Voting
  • National Flags
  • Whos Online
  • Babblechat (not enabled atm)
  • Retort

Retort works fine unless you tick Restrict Emojjs.