Category not displayed for queued topics

When a category is configured to require approval for new topics, the topic’s category is not displayed in the review queue. I ran into this issue on Meta earlier today. The only way I could see to find the topic’s category was to approve the topic. Here’s a screenshot of a similar review item from my local dev site:

It would be great if the “See the category settings” text was linked to the category’s settings page.


This seems to be a regression, even - I believe next to the topic tags it used to show the category (e.g. we have rules per category, and some ‘watched words’ to prevent common abuse by moving it to manual review, but depending on the category we need to approve or reject the post).


Hmm this does seem like a regression @eviltrout ?


This might be due to the reviewable type. @Roman_Rizzi is it because queued topics store the category id differently?


I don’t think it’s a regression. The code only adds links to the site settings page:

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Aha. Could we add a link to the category page?


OK! Sorry about this bug, the fix is now in.