Reviewing your own flag on Discourse forum despite not being staff (as a TL4 Leader)


  1. Get post autoflagged. Keyword: “sucks” - Notification occurs
  2. Edit autoflagged post. (The flag will occur again) - Staff notified notification occurs
  3. It will show that it was reviewed by me. (No screenshot since not a moderator in that forum)


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I’m not sure I’m following.

I did the following:

  1. A TL4 user writes a post containing a flagged watched word (“cake”).

  2. The post is automatically flagged and hidden, and put in the review list.

  3. The TL4 user edits their post and replaces the watched word with something else (“test”).

  4. The post becomes visible again but is still listed in the reviewable items, though the content is updated:

There is no mention that the TL4 user reviewed the post, as the post isn’t reviewed when edited. :thinking:

On step 3, keep the watched word, but edit it to include more, but keep the watched word (That is how I discovered the issue)

Do you mean step 2 instead of 3?

My watched word is “cake”.

I wrote “a cake” as a TL4 user, my post was flagged and hidden.
I edited to write “a cake indeed!” instead, and it simply automatically reflagged it. My TL4 user isn’t set as “Reviewed by”. This field is empty.

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In the topic Flag trigger issue - #6 by 9pfs - Off Topic - Active Member Chat, it stated that @hello-smile6 saw the review queue and asked how I reviewed it

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Here’s a picture of the bug for proof (A staff rejected the first flag):

Edit: original post that caused the bug: