Revive this topic panel -- can it be disabled?

In our particular forum we encourage users to dig up old topics. Is there any way to disable the composer messages that tries to dissuade them from doing so?


Edit: adding “Revive this topic” for future searchers.

You can disable the ‘Revive this topic’ composer message by setting the warn reviving old topic age site setting to 0.


Ah, there it is! Thank you. I did a lot of searching and couldn’t find the right key word (should’ve searched “reviv” instead of “revive”). Hopefully this will help the next person.

As an aside, is there a list of all the different composer messages? And is “composer message” the right word for it? Had a hard time finding that term, too.

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Yes, ‘composer message’ is the right term for the messages that appear.

The only way I know of to see the list of composer messages through the UI is to go to Admin / Customize / Text Content and enter education into the search box. This works because Discourse prefixes the key that is used in the composer message translations with education.

Searching for education will return a few extra hits, but it’s fairly clear which of the results are used in the composer messages.


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