RFE for Solved plugin: make "new topic" more obvious

We are finding that many people who have their problem solved now want to ask a followup question, and the natural thing to do is reply in the same thread. I don’t want to close or lock threads automatically, because often there is actually additional useful information on the original problem. But new questions shouldn’t go in the same thread, because:

  1. They clutter things up for people looking for solutions to the original problem
  2. They make the new problems harder to find and search for
  3. Now there’s a thread with multiple problems and multiple solutions, so nothing can really be marked as a solution.

The proper thing, of course, is to use the secret :link:+ New Topic functionality, but that’s really, really not obvious. I’d love a “Followup Topic” question to appear next to “Reply” on topics with a solution — or any closed topics.


What’s the secret?

Is it when you click Reply, then hold down the arrow icon to see the “Reply as linked topic” option?


I don’t know what that way even is, so that might be even more secret. I’m talking about this:


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Thanks. I hadn’t noticed that as it seems to be desktop only. I’ll try to show you the other way using screenshots. I’ll likely get a badge for that :slight_smile:

No badge for me! I can’t upload images on mobile. I finally spotted the upload icon on desktop but the screenshots are on the mobile.

Anyway, press “Reply”, then hold the arrow button until a menu appears, then “Reply as linked topic”. It has the same effect as your way.

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I wonder if this would be a good place for a popup to help educate people, rather than another button in the UI?

So showing something roughly like this upon opening up the composer to reply to an already solved topic…


That’s a great idea @awesomerobot! :clap:


This is now done via:

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