Rotating banners

is there a way to pin more than one banner at a time and have them rotate?

No that feature doesn’t exist, could you describe what you have in mind a little more? what would the purpose of multiple rotating banners be?


I have two or three events that are happening simultaneously. I’d like to rotate them so my members are aware of each of them.

Bit of a leftfield suggestion, but I just tripped over this while browsing and thought it might be useful to you? (it’s quite old, but maybe still relevant?)

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You don’t need to use outside resources to achieve that.

If each event has an image consider Topic List Previews which has a Featured Image component that works off tag and sits at the top. You can tag three Topics and it will show an excerpt on hover. Click on one and it navigates to the target Topic. There is also a TC version of Topic List Previews.

There’s also a simpler TC that does that specifically which might work better for three topics only: Homepage Feature Component