Routing issue when adjusting topic list filters

There is currently a routing bug reproducible under fairly specific conditions:


  • Category with a subcategory
    • Default List Filter category setting should be “no subcategories” for the parent category
  • Solved plugin installed
    • show_filter_by_solved_status site setting enabled
    • enable solved globally or at least for the involved categories

Repro steps

  1. Change the solved/unsolved filter from the default of “all” to “solved”
  2. Change the subcategory filter from the default of “none” to “all”
  3. Observe the error in the console

    Error: You didn't provide enough string/numeric parameters to satisfy all of the dynamic segments for route discovery.categoryNone. Missing params: category_slug_path_with_id


I think the cause is that Ember.js passes an incomplete transition when solved is updated, but the way we did the transition was not very elegant either. I found a workaround for the problem and fixed a bug from core too: