RSS polling doesn't work since dec 2022

In our forum we have configured it to extract various feed, those feeeds works but as the plugin doesn’t have any log, and it isn’t possible to run manually it is impossible to debug it.

I checked the plugin code and there aren’t any traces of logging.
The Discourse log feed doesn’t have anything from this plugin.

Hi do you mean the RSS plugin? I have this working with YouTube videos.

I agree its hard to debug, I added two different feeds and both do not show up. I wonder if any DB, Redis or rake commands can get me closer to troubleshooting, but since i am not very well versed in sidekiq or rails i would appreciate some logs, especially in connect or parse failures.

I am talking about the RSS polling plugin, the one that from a feed publish updates in a category.

I had this working but I have no idea why it isn’t as it isn’t possible to see what error is finding and there are no notifications about them…

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So this plugin

This is the one I am using with YouTube. There is a way to convert YouTube channel to an RSS feed.

Only thing I can suggest is to check your RSS address in case it changed maybe. Otherwise maybe a recent plugin install might be interfering

I do agree the plugin does not have an easy way to debug. A few options would be good as well. Like optional turn off the discussion link if one wants.

I checked everything as I am the owner and developer of the platform where the RSS are working in other clients etc.

Without information about what is happening on discourse is impossible to debug it.

And yes, that’s plugin.

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Nothing in your /logs?

I’ve seen similar before where the Author set for the Discourse post doesn’t have the right permissions to post. Possibly any tags with specific category permissions, etc?


Nothing in the /logs about it and the user is system that is part basically of all the admin groups with the maximum thrust level.

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There is a way to ping the developers of this plugin?

As it’s an official plugin, by posting here you’re talking to the right people. :+1: As it’s working for most other people it’s hard to pin down what’s happening. I know it’s a long time back, but can you recall any changes to your setup from around that time?

And, just to check, you’re saying this hasn’t been working for well over a year? (there were some changes a few months ago around permissions so if it was Dec 2023 then that may be relevant, but Dec 2022 would rule them out).

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Well I didn’t change so many settings in Discourse, the category is Eventi -

Looking at the changes Commits · discourse/discourse-rss-polling · GitHub there should be nothing that creates this issue, I guess that only adding some logs will help.

I am asking for a ping to developers just to understand if they want to add logs or I have to find time to hack the code and learn the Discourse internal just for that.

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The feed appears to be behind a login. Could that be an issue here?

The feed used are generated by our portal, as example Lazio Planet Linux Feed and are public.

I’ve tried using it on my test site and it doesn’t pull through, whereas one from here ( is working just fine.

I can see some future dates in there (eg. <pubDate>Tue, 19 Mar 2024 19:00:00 +0100</pubDate>). Could that be causing some conflict?

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That can make sense, it is a feed from a calendar with events (but it was always like that).

Checking the code, the plugin just load all the feed on Redis when finds new one so can publish them but doesn’t do anything for the date GitHub - discourse/discourse-rss-polling

A possibly interesting development… I added your RSS feed to my test site earlier and it has now pulled in a topic about 20 minutes ago:

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Let’s see because I updated the tool on that portal for stuff unrelated to that issue so I don’t know now if it is something in our Discourse instance or logging…

With that feed is working also on our forum but only one event that was yesterday and not the next one.
Maybe it is something with dates, lets see in the next days but a log will be very helpful…

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So I can see from that feed just pick the one we mentioned but not the others.

Investigating seems that some of the stuff in the RSS were using a wrong GUID that was an hash, now it will be a URL but I can’t execute the rss polling manually to check if this fixed the issue.

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One has just popped up on my test site: :partying_face:

The background job can be triggered manually from your /sidekiq/scheduler page (jobs::DiscourseRssPolling::PollAllFeeds) if you have access?

You can also decrease the window using the rss polling frequency admin setting if that’s useful.

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