SAAS Discourse Install?

I have a client whom is wondering if Discourse could be moved to a SAAS install.

If possible what are the pros and cons?

I apologize if this has been asked and answered. As my search results didn’t seem to yield much on the subject here.


If they are asking if their Discourse site can be moved to our hosting, the answer is yes. All that needs to be done is to signup for a trial site on either our Standard or Business plan from this page: Discourse pricing | Discourse - Civilized Discussion. On the signup form, select the “Use temporary domain” checkbox:

For the trial subdomain, enter a word that you would like to be associated with your site. It will be used in the sending address for all emails sent from the site.

Once they have access to the trial site, have them contact us through the support address that’s given on the site’s admin dashboard. We’ll walk them through the process of creating a backup file on their self-hosted site and uploading it to the trial site. Once the backup file has been restored to the trial site, they’ll be able to update the trial site’s domain name to the domain name of their current site.

Some benefits of hosting your Discourse site with us are that we take care of all aspects of keeping your site online and up to date. Everything to do with the site’s email configuration is handled by us. You get access to our private support channel to deal with any questions you have about Discourse, or any issues that you find with the site.

Something that could be seen as a con to our hosting is that the plugins available on our Standard and Business plans are pre-installed. It is not possible to install custom plugins. You can see which plugins are available for each plan here: Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion. Whether or not this is an issue for you will depend on what plugins are currently being used on the site.


I am not sure of there intended target SAAS. Are there other SAAS sites?

I presume they can enable and disable the pre installed plugins within the tier chosen?

Thanks for the speedy reply.


Yes, our friends at also have a Discourse hosting service.

Yes, any plugins that we install on our hosted sites can be enabled or disabled. All of our hosted sites also have full access to the DIscourse API and to the DIscourse theming system.


Cool thanks. I figured theming would likely be unaffected. But wasn’t sure if hosted Discourse might restrict some of the settings as I read something about Staff limits via tier selected. (Of course with the nature of the hosting Root access would be restricted to the host for understandable security reasons).


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