Sam's personal "minimal" topic list design



@sam would it be possible to export this customisation as a gist or something? Would make it easier to reference and see when there are updates. As this is pretty great!

(ljpp) #225
  {{raw "topic-list-header-column" sortable='true' number='true' order='posts' forceName='Replies'}}
  {{raw "topic-list-header-column" sortable='true' order='activity' forceName='Last Post'}}

@sam, is there a way to make these work with localization? Our forum defaults to Finnish, but tech savvy people generally prefer English. One of these user groups is going to get these labels in a wrong language, depending on what I have there as a hard coded solution.

(Sam Saffron) #226

It is tricky, we would need a core change for that

(Fred Vom Jupiter) #227

how can is Use the kind of Styling for only one category?

(Tom Newsom) #228

preface every selector with .categoryname, so instead of

.topic-list td {
    padding-bottom: 10px;

you have

.categoryname .topic-list td {
    padding-bottom: 10px;

you can discover the .categoryname of a category by viewing the topic list in that category and inspect the source. The main <body> tag for that page will have a class like “category-foobar”

EDIT: Ah I missed that there was custom JS. That’s outside my knowledge I’m afraid!

(Fred Vom Jupiter) #229

Thanks for your answer Tom :slight_smile: I found the body tag <body class="docked category-features-vorschlagen">

But I want to use @sam’s style just for one category. But if I paste the code inside my custom </head> it changes the style of every category. Is there a possibility to handle this?

(Mittineague) #230

It sounds like you used the “docked” selector instead of only the category specific selector.

(Jay Pfaffman) #231

Is there a way to turn on showTopicPostBadges?

This post got me to where I could imagine answering this question, and I did manage to turn on showOpLikes, but I don’t see shopTopicPostBadges anywhere in the serializers.

(Sam Saffron) #232

This is in the, can be done but extremely complicated department and would probably require some core changes.

(Pad Pors) #233

i just want to use the category part of this topic-list, that’s to show the categories in a de-emphasize way beneath the topic (with the same style you used in the main image, i.e. using tag image as the visualization.

would you mind guiding me which part of the code to use?

p.s: i used the shared code, and everything has been implemented but not the category part! don’t know why.

thanks in advance,

(Dylan) #234

Just tested it and noticed the same. Categories don’t show up on /latest anymore. Using the preview here or on another site. Probably a bug from a recent update or is it not added to the OP @sam?

Edit: Also seems that it breaks the moderation tools. (Hides them, even if forced, still hides the check boxes for example inside a category to mass edit threads.)

(Joseph Iwok) #235

Is it possible to have this theme for mobile users and the default Discourse theme for those accessing the site from PC.

How do I go about this?

(Sam Saffron) #236

This theme is only designed for desktop, you would need to build a special theme with mobile in mind.

(Victoria Hedenmalm) #237

I am having the same problem as @Pad_Pors and @Overmind. I am also trying to figure out which part of the code is responsible for this, but I haven’t succeeded in that yet. I’m running the latest version and I’ve tried tweaking and changing the code a bit, but just can’t figure out how to show the category. Has anyone figured out why this happens yet?

(Pad Pors) #238

the topic list preview plugin has handled this somehow. this is the stupid way to do that, but you can install the plugin and only use the setting to show the category badge there! (there is an option to do that)!

Also I couldn’t apply the category part via html/css panel of admin, and it only worked when i overwrote the topic-list-item.raw.hbs file itself on the localhost (i mean i used sam’s code and changed the .raw.hbs file).

what i did was not the right way, and i was just looking for the way to learn!

(probus) #239

The avatars and usernames of last poster are missing from Suggested topics list when using this theme:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Sam's personal "minimal" topic list design
  2. Notice the (all/some/none) missing info. Change to private tab/different browser if necessary.

Is there an easy way to fix this? Should I open a #bug #feature or #support topic? This affects every site that uses some variation of the minimal theme that I know of.

Last poster is missing from Suggested topics
(Joe Seyfried) #240

Hm… I’m getting a Error: Could not find module discourse/views/topic-list-item- both here on Meta, and on my own site. I rely on the part

(function(){ var TopicListItemView = require('discourse/views/topic-list-item').default; TopicListItemView.reopen({
…which does not work any more on the latest beta. Does anyone have any insight in this? Grepping around did not produce any useable TopicListView or ShowCategory methods.

(Sam Saffron) #241

Yeah just change the word view to component

(Chris Saenz) #242

Theme appears to be broken with the last few updates. Any clues?

(Sam Saffron) #243

Confirmed, I will have a look at sorting this out