Sam's personal "minimal" topic list design


(Kane York) #162

Fixed my screenshot, it was still about 1.3.

(Sam Saffron) #163

Also … by the way

Just sayin’

@Mittineague you will notice I actually improved contrast with my initial change … anyway we can leave this for now

(Kane York) #164

My complaint was about the contrast vs the all-white background of the page, not the fill color vs the text color! The green/blue was the foreground; white was the background.

(Sam Saffron) #165

@mcwumbly any thoughts on any of my recent changes?


Currently the vertical alignment of the category, the username und the rel. time has some problems.

(Sam Saffron) #167

will see if I can sort that out, getting square badge style right has been really hard for me cc @awesomerobot

(Jacob Chapel) #168

I’ve made some more changes.

Left of topic title has category color bar. Our forum has only two main categories (on topic and gaming) so the colors are very helpful, but the name is not as important. I could see adding the category as a column if you had enough to warrant it.

I moved the replies to the far right. One thing I wanted is consistent positioning. Having replies be on the left of the last poster info, meant replies would shift around depending on the length of a users name. It also meant inconsistent whitespace.

I completely removed any of the info that was under the topic title. I prefer the cleaner look, but having everything on a single line except for the last poster looks a bit odd to me. Somewhat of an impasse because I can’t think of something better.

As always, still experimenting. Any feedback is welcome.

(Jacob Chapel) #169

I had the same issue. It was there regardless of the square or not. Something to do with the markup of the category badges.

(Sam Saffron) #170

I got to figure out how to fix this … its real tricky but I really love my square style.

(Jacob Chapel) #171

I do prefer the square style. Can you add it as one of the options in the category style setting?

(Sam Saffron) #172

Not until I can figure out the CSS :wink:

(Jacob Chapel) #173

@sam What do you think of some of the things I’ve done to my variation of your style?

Curious since it wouldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t taken the time to create this first. Wanted to also think you for creating it, and sharing it with us all.

(Sam Saffron) #174

I like the colors you used in your forum and general styling, also appreciate the extra removal of info, though prefer to keep my creator stuff for now.

I feel the reply count is a bit “weak” in color could be a bit stronger.
The bar is an interesting concept but feels a bit loud to me.

Flipping the columns around is fine, I do see that adding a level of balance to the design. I would have to live with it a bit to make a final call.

I am no a huge fan of removing the heading, I did mute them way down on my design.

(Jacob Chapel) #175

Completely understand about the creator info, on here I see it being a bit more important.

I’ve found I don’t miss the heading. The only downside is I had to add special styling for the new posts alert. It does mean there is an odd space between the topic list and the top buttons, where as the heading would provide that spacing without feeling odd.

Decided to play with it a bit and tone down the category colors, and use the primary color for the replies.

I also felt the category color on the left was a bit strong. After the changes, they still are easy to recognize, but much less strong.

(Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai) #176

I would still prefer the existing design which looks neat and clean. This minimal design will take us back to somewhat front-end interface designs of already existing forum platforms.

Default discourse design is best but you can surely propose themes for it

(Sam Saffron) #177

Changing discourse default design to my personal use design is not on the cards

(Dave McClure) #178

I never use the hamburger category menu, but I do appreciate the consistency with using the square badge design throughout. I prefer it to the default slim-bar, so hopefully you can sort out the alignment issues. I’m glad @chapel did the experiment with the full bar because I’ve always thought that’d be a good way to go. … but after seeing both I like the square better right now.

Toning down the progress bar is a good call. I’m not sure about the particular color. I think it might be better going with a little less blue in it.

I think you have it right with the layout of last poster / replies. Still not a fan of the reversal @chapel did there.

I still feel like the creator / created info is just noise…

(Jacob Chapel) #179

Is it that you don’t like avatar on the right of the text or even the replies on the right?

(Dave McClure) #180

I think what bothers me mainly is the avatar being on the right of the text.

(Dean Taylor) #181


And also - placing “the number” next to the Avatar creates some kind of context between the two that doesn’t really exist: