Scaling Discourse

I’m in the midst of an pretty interesting conversation about content on my discourse site that may change traffic significantly.

I’m presently on a 1GB RAM, 1vCPU, 40GB SSD instance.

Its very small community today- let’s say 30 active members.
Adding this particular content may grow the site to 300-3000 members (10-100x).

We’re averaging over 40k pageviews now, and I have looked at the $100 and $300 managed hosting plans as possible options.

I may not be searching for the right things in meta/documentation- how does discourse scale with CPU/RAM/storage?

Can discourse leverage 2-4 vCPUs and 8-16GB RAM?

Any and all insight appreciated.

Thank you!

Sure. Just scale your VM and then run


to have it adjust the parameters for the memory usage. You can scale to whatever you want. Whether you scale to 2 or 4GB for more is up to you, but I’d guess that 4GB will be enough.


You probably need about 4-8gb for a larger community, and a lot more SSD storage, probably a few terabytes.


Wow, that was fast. Thank you both!

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My response was just a rough estimate. The more the better really.

4GB will be ample.

Your storage needs won’t explode unless you expect to be upload-heavy. In which case don’t scale up the directly-attached storage beyond what the 4GB offers as standard ($$$) instead look at implementing S3 or one of the S3-like clones which are out there.